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Our Values.

Our values guide us at every step.

We have defined them together, we practice them daily and we keep each other accountable. Explore our values below.


We put people at the centre of everything we do. We take care of our team and take an active role in their professional growth. We feel and truly care for our clients and work closely to address their unique project demands. We shape a more resilient future for businesses and individuals, impacting the lives of many through the spaces we create. Empathy is a value that aligns closely with our mission and is integral to our design philosophy.


We keep our promises. And we manage to do it effectively because we don’t leave things up to chance. We have created practical processes that ensure transparency and trust in every project. Whether it’s notes from every meeting, budget predictions or timeline commitments, we inform our clients and we take responsibility for carrying through.

pushing forward.

Our world is changing, fast. We are committed to staying ahead and pushing our team, our clients and our society forwards. We encourage lifelong learning, support training sessions and by doing so, we ensure that every design solution offered by our professionals does more than stand the test of time: it stays relevant and is able to evolve.

sense making.

We create clear plans and holistic designs that transform any confusion or challenge into a successful project. We are committed to communicating in a clear, straight forward and concise manner, enabling for True Collaboration and Co-creation both with each other and with our clients. When working with STIRIXIS Group, everything starts making sense.