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We Deliver
True Prosperity.

STIRIXIS Group is a consultancy and design firm that utilises the power of Systemic Design to deliver to its clients spaces that stand the test of time and contribute to the realization of their dreams. Whether it’s a business or an individual, our group of brands is equipped to design ecosystems that will contribute to your True Prosperity.

the Secret to our positive impact:

We See More:
Systems Thinking.

In a complex and fast-changing world, analytical thinking fails, fast. This is why we are a team of trained Systems Thinkers: we create designs that do more than solve for a singular need: they optimize your ecosystem in a way that is technologically advanced, sustainability-proof, human-centric and drives you to a better tomorrow.

We Are Driven
by our Purpose.

Our goal is clear: to create True Prosperity for you. Through our diverse set of services, we ensure the holistic and effective transformation of your vision into your reality. Our team of more than 40 trained professionals support and communicate with our clients throughout the project, creating transparency, trust and enabling for the co-creation of a better tomorrow.

We Keep on Learning, We Keep on Growing.

We have completed more than 800 projects in over 29 countries. We learn from each project and from each other which has resulted to an effective process that accelerates your journey to True Prosperity. The advice and ideas offered by our team is innovative and encompasses all the knowledge we have gathered and trends we have observed.

We address every need, in a sustainable manner.

We have an ecosystem of brands specifically designed to address every design need. Whether your are a business or an individual, we have dedicated teams of experts ready to support you in your project.

And we go beyond that. We know that True Prosperity cannot exist without sustainability and use our know-how to deliver projects that are human-centric and planet-friendly.

Our latest workplace projects are to be awarded BREEAM Certification ‘Excellent’.

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“There is no Prosperity without Sustainability”

Alex Athanassoulas
CEO & President, STIRIXIS Group
Elected President, Sustainable Building Council Greece

leading Businesses to Growth.

We work with clients across a variety of sectors including Retail, Offices, Hospitality, Education and Health to optimize their ecosystem and enable their long-term success. We offer to every client a holistic package of services including Strategic Services, Architectural Design, Branding, MEP Design and Construction Management. Through this approach, we create positive change and measurable impact for every client.

bringing prosperity to
your personal space.

We go beyond your business and bring True Prosperity to your personal environment, whether that is a family home, vacation home, a Yacht Interior or AirBnB. Our team creates an environment that enables the lifestyle our clients envision and that address their unique needs, while bringing forward their extraordinary personalities.

Making Prosperity Last.

Every strategy and design solution is based on a deep understanding of the trends shaping our future. Our ThinkTank Metallaxis collects data on scientific and technological innovations, societal needs and demographic trends and produces holistic reports that inform our clients, our team, and every project.

800+ Projects.

29+ Countries.

40+ Professionals.

Is the next successful project yours?